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We are the Drop that Drives Development

To be the drop that drives development is the purpose that guides Industria Chiquibul in the search for positive impacts in Guatemala and around the world, connecting with people from the beginning and acting responsibly, drop by drop, and in harmony with the planet. Committed to the country's development by providing employment opportunities, food security, social development, education, and growth, always working towards the common good. This purpose guides the way Industria Chiquibul works and manages its operations: guided to contribute to the global oil supply, while being the drop that drives development and sustainable growth.

Our Company

Industria Chiquibul S.A. is an agro-industrial project focused on the cultivation of African palm and the extraction of its oils. Starting operations in 2011, it has established as a leading company in the industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities produce, process, and export crude palm oil and its derivatives.


Contribute to the development of Guatemalan rural communities and meet the needs of our customers and global demands by producing high-quality products through efficient and sustainable processes and practices.


Become a leading exporter of crude palm oil, providing sustainable and quality products to all stakeholders.

Our Products

Crude Palm Oil

It is the first product obtained in our process by mechanically pressing the fruit's pulp. Its characteristic color is slightly red.

Some of the unique qualities that make this oil to stand out include its balance between saturated and unsaturated fats. Additionally, it is a vegetable oil naturally free of cholesterol and trans fats, with a significant content of vitamin A and vitamin E. It is used as a raw material in various industries such as the biofuel, hygiene, and food industries.

Palm oil is one of the most produced oils in the world, with a higher oil yield per hectare compared to other crops.

Palm Kernel Oil

Vegetable oil that exists in liquid or semi-solid form depending on the storage temperature. This oil is extracted from the seed of the palm fruit through a mechanical extraction process with expeller presses and separated from the raw material residues using physical filtration processes.

Due to its similar composition and properties, Palm Kernel Oil has applications like those of coconut oil, both in the edible and non-edible fields. Palm kernel oil is widely used alone or in blends with other oils in the manufacture of cocoa butter substitutes and other fats for confectionery, cookie doughs and fillings, cake icing, ice cream, margarines, among others.

Palm Kernel Meal

It is a fine granular byproduct obtained through the physical extraction of Palm Kernel oil, it is a high-fat meal.

The main advantage of the particle size of the produced meal is that it allows its use in animal feed, especially for livestock, making it easier to mix and more digestible representing an attractive alternative due to its nutritional value and low cost.

Our palm oil extraction mill, designed to process 170 metric tons of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hour and founded with state-of-the-art vertical sterilization technology, is one of the most modern and efficient extraction mills in Central America

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