6 February, 2023 / Nacionales

Llevando medicina y atención medica a nuestras comunidades

Industria Chiquibul celebró su primera Misión Médica 2023 el pasado sábado 28 de enero. En el afán de brindar acceso...
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6 February, 2023 / English

Bringing Medicine and Healthcare to our Communities 

Industria Chiquibul’s celebrated its first 2023 Medical Mission this past Saturday, January 28th.  In the thrive to provide medical care access...
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2 February, 2023 / English, Español

Conoce nuestro sistema STAR

¿Sabías que a través de nuestro Sistema de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales (STAR) y sus lagunas de oxidación, Industria Chiquibul...
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Our Oill Extraction Mill, our Shore Tank Facility, and all our Oils are Kosher certified

The Kosher certification that we have obtained verifies that we DO NOT use dairy products, meat products or any of their derivatives in our oil production lines and our storage facilities, and also guarantees that the machinery used in our extraction plant and our storage facilities is not used for dairy products, meat products or their derivatives, making our products completely plant-based.


Our company is certified as a user of the ISCC EU system

The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification is an organization of European origin that has issued us an ISCC EU certificate, which ensures that our company meets its requirements of social, environmental and economic sustainability. It also ensures that we comply with traceability requirements throughout our supply chain and low emissions and greenhouse gas savings. You can see our ISCC EU certificate on the ISCC page, which has the following scope: Farms (FA), First Gathering Point (FG), Oil Mill (OM), Warehouse (WH), and Trader with Storage (TRS).