Committed to the Visual Health of our People

Industria Chiquibul’s Visual Health Journey has been for the past years one of the multiple incentives that seek after free healthcare access to our company’s collaborators. Our goal is to contribute to improve their quality of life under healthcare programs, giving free access to different diagnoses and health treatments.

During the past week – March 18 to March 22, 2024 – Industria Chiquibul’s visual week took place, were more than 500 collaborators were examined by ophthalmologists and given visual tests. After examinations, graded eyeglasses and other visual equipment were made available with financial support.

As part of our commitment and thrive to assure good health and security access to our surrounding communities and workers, we work hard to provide free and multiple health specialties during our visual and medical journeys throughout the year. We are the drop that drives development, we are Chiquibul!