Industria Chiquibul’s celebrated its first 2023 Medical Mission this past Saturday, January 28th.  In the thrive to provide medical care access to surrounding communities, Industria Chiquibul has committed and designed medical journeys throughout the year to bring doctors and healthcare specialists, as well as medicine donations to the areas surrounding Alta Verapaz and Peten. 

This past January 28th, the first Mission of the year took place in the community of Tezulutlan I, Sayajche Peten inside a local Healthcare facility. Ten doctors from different specialties: including general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, general surgery; were brought to the center to provide free consultations, follow ups and prescriptions medicine to men, women and children.  Around 400 cases were seen including: inflammatory respiratory diseases, gastritis, skin diseases, osteoarthritis, intestinal parasitism, among others. Most of the cases were seen in children, accounting for over 50% of the attendees. 

Finished the consultations, Industria Chiquibul made a significant donation of medicines to respond to the prescriptions provided by doctors and healthcare staff. Access to medical care is a basic human right that Industria Chiquibul has committed to provide to its surrounding communities. 

Learn more about this initiative at our YouTube channel.

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